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Pneumatic PU Hose

Made of new imported polyester TPU raw materials, the pipe wall is smooth and uniform, the size is stable, and the working life is long.

Pneumatic PU Hose

Welcome to Hongmi

Wenzhou Hongmi Pneumatic Co., Ltd. was founded in April of 2021, as the trading headquarter of Huiteli Pneumatic(Hydraulic) Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, which has the production experience over 17 years. We are integrates industrial company of manufacturing and exporting, mainly specialized in various kinds of pneumatic fittings, including joints/connectors, PU hose, PA hose, air cylinders, air source treatment unit, solenoid valves/water valves, as well as the vacuum accessories used for robot industry, etc. Our products covered SMC type, Airtac type, and Festo type. Just tell us the list you need then we will offer you the right thing with competitive price.

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